Network Support

We offer a variety of world-class options designed to meet network training needs and schedules. Our product training professionals are skilled at providing the most up-to-date information on our products and services, and utilise the latest in educational tools and techniques. A number of flexible options can be arranged to meet V Ambassadors’ needs for their network. The network can rest assured that they are learning from the industry’s best.

Leadership Advancement Program (LAP)

LAP is a technical training platform open to all leaders who want to learn more about the products and policies and procedures of QNet. Leaders who wish to attend the VLCP should complete the LAP first. This helps leaders become better equipped with the proper knowledge to ensure success in the business.


V Leaders Certification Programme (VLCP)

This programme trains and assesses the potential and skills of our Independent Representatives. It will teach leaders to be more effective and efficient in the business. At the end of training, one should be able to:

  • Manage their team effectively
  • Assess their leadership efficiency through an extensive examination after the program
  • Address and manage team conflicts and provide resolutions
  • Increase their expertise on products, NSG , policies and procedures of The V and QNET, and gain knowledge on public speaking and training

Colours of the V (COV)

A recognition programme where all the network groups can be officially certified by The V. This is to identify the group’s structure and leadership. The COV aims to not only recognise the groups, but also build a relationship between them and the V, paving the way for stronger synergy.

Product Training

A specific training that encompasses all main products under QNet. Training can be done in small group trainings or as whole-day events. Product Training is usually arranged by request from the V Ambassadors, Business Development Team or initiated by the Network