The V

The V is a global training, network marketing and development company that offers network leaders a wide range of experiences, support services and knowledge. We provide services to the growing global market by upholding the principles of Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM), self-development, integrity, empowerment, teambuilding, and the highest level of professionalism.

The V was founded in 1998 as a network resource company. The company was built on a total commitment towards network satisfaction and is dedicated to the network training and conference industry. As a critical factor to today’s network success, The V functions to customize professional network development, management, training and support to its network leaders worldwide. The V conceptualizes, organizes, and manages network development activities through training, events, and strategic communication on a worldwide scale.

The V is recognized as the grand up-line for all network groups in QNet. We hold the No.1 position as a strategic partner for network business expansion. We are honoured to work with the finest suppliers and appointed network leaders domestically and internationally, representing the interests of our network leaders. With our manpower and services, we bring value-added solutions to the service selection and planning process for networks both large and small. We offer a network of seasoned professionals able to fulfill your needs as they relate to network planning – from service selection to planning and consultation as well as on-site management.