What Leadership Is All About

Spending almost 10 years in the business, V Council Kristian Alimafa’s network marketing journey has come a long way. He learned a lot of things and the most important for him is the concept of leadership.

“I came to understand the difference between a leader and leadership,” he shares. When you are a leader, you have to be the prime example of what leadership is truly all about. Being a leader or an upline is not limited to teaching your people on how to do the business. You have a duty to fulfill and an obligation to pursue.

When you are a leader, your duty continues until your people have become as successful as you are. It is your responsibility to ensure that their dreams will become a reality. You have to take them to success and reach their goals.

You are an example of success. Let them have the same achievements as you. VC Kristian teaches us that to succeed in the business, you must be an efficient leader. You can only be a true leader once you’ve shown what leadership must be all about. “As an upline, you should set an example,” he shares.

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