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Our duty doesn’t end with signing up people. We have to hold their hand as they begin their journey and help them make their checks. “Every prospect you sign up has the potential to be the next V Partner. Never give up on anyone,” Chief Pathman Senathirajah says.

Watch Chief’s Wednesday Message 234 on VTube+ now!

Repeat Sales Points is about getting paid based on levels. It means that whoever you encouraged to join takes part in one of the levels of your business. You make it grow by having your people have their own people.

To learn more about RSP, watch this video featuring V Partner Dev Johl On VTube+!

V Partner Ferdie answered, “Yes, I still believe.” With a firm resolution and purpose in mind, he keeps moving forward. He continued his journey in network marketing, and now, he is more than just ordinary.

Watch this video here on VTube+ as V Partner Ferdie Tolentino talks about how willpower can overcome any obstacles!

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