#VCON16: All The Awesome Highlights Of V-Malaysia 2016 Day 4!


Just like that, we’re down to the last day of V-Malaysia 2016! True enough, time flies really fast especially if you’re doing things you’re truly passionate about. It has been a wonderful four days so far and we assure that today’s set of activities will be phenomenal as we approach the climax of #VCON16!

These past few days have been nothing short but amazing, every day our hunger to Evolve. Empower.Enrich grows. It feeds our desire to discover and unlock our true potentials to become a better version of ourselves.

After leading a throng of people to fist-pump and dance their hearts out in an insane V Street Party a night ago, a revitalized Chief Pathman Senathirajah opened up Day 4 of V-Malaysia by teaching the importance  of recognizing your true goals in life. Chief also elaborated that you must be willing to be crazy enough to achieve your dreams. 

V Partner K Padma might not be physically present at SPICE Arena but that didn’t prevent her from sharing her valuable knowledge to the thousands of V Warriors that attended the event. In a special pre-recorded video, V Partner K Padma told everyone that order to become successful in this line of business, it must always start at home.

During QNET’s portion, they gladly announced their new educational product, the eLearning mobile app. They also honoured the outstanding members who have been eligible to join this year’s Achiever’s Club.

After a quick break, V Founder Joseph Bismark entered the stage and thankfully addressed the dedicated IRs who made this year’s affair an overall success. On his talk, he discussed the authenticity of the company, stating that after 18 years in the business we are still here. Hence, the network is real. VP Joseph also made us understand that we must always speak from our hearts in order to establish a genuine connection with people. He also made us aware that we should know our calling, which for him is establishing a caring link to as many people that he can build a relationship with.

V Partner Arun George, on the other hand, preached about the price to pay in order to reach your goals. He encouraged everyone to hold on to their beliefs and that you must prepare yourselves on getting rejected and be ready to triple your effort you really want to max out and attain the dream of financial freedom.

Outside the main stage, V Founders Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark separately took surprise visits at the V booths. The highlight of their walk was when they visited the royalty-inspired social media booth and even let us took a few snaps while wearing a crown— fit enough for true royalties.

Shortly after, V Partner Sathi Senathirajah stepped on the #VCON16 stage and taught the importance of embracing change. As the one thing constant in this world, VP Sathi told everyone to always open their mind to other ideas and do not be afraid into trying new things. He also highlighted on how you should guide your downline in order for him to also be successful in network marketing.

To keep the energy up, the IRs were treated to a concert in which they saw amazing musical performances one after another. Even if it's creeping close to midnight, all IRs were still full of vigor as they danced along with the music.

V Partner TG Kintanar also graced the stage and greeted the ecstatic V Warriors at the arena. The well-spoken V Partner shared an anecdote on why he chose a full time career in networking despite already having a stable professional career. He discussed the thought process he went through and how his family inspired him to ultimately choose network marketing as the right path to reach his dreams and provide the best things in life for his loved ones.

Closing the fourth day of V-Con was V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran. Though he did take the stage quite late, our esteemed V Founder was still spry as ever. His vibrant energy instantly rubbed off to the thousands of V Warriors who are not minding to pull an all-nighter to get rewarded by the wisdom of V Founder Dato’ Sri.

With a multitude intently awaiting his words, V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran encouraged  everyone to make their best effort in order to see reality in order to see real beauty. He also urged them to get closer to their inner self and be spiritual in order to attain peace of mind and see the path to success clearly. Magnificent words of wisdom bestowed to every hoping IR wishing to change their lives.

Now, that we’re on the ultimate of #VCON16, expect everything to happen on a grand scale. We’re not pulling our brakes off as we’re going all out to help you reach financial freedom and transform each and every one of you into the best version you can be. Let’s go!

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