The Culture of Buy, Use, and Repeat

QNET and The V built the network marketing business in order to help mankind and improve people’s lives. V Council Osama Elamin shares how we can maximize the limitless capabilities of RSP.

Beginning from the time when QNET and The V were just getting started, the business had grown big and successful ever since. Some enhancement and changes took place with the goal of helping the Independent Representatives to grow as well as their income. One of the most significant enhancements by QNET and The V is the hybrid compensation plan. This plan focuses on RSP and allows entrepreneurs to maximize their potentials through a diversified range of products.

V Council Osama Elamin tells us that for us to succeed, we must practice the culture of “Buy, Use, Repeat.” You have to work hard and keep track on the growth of your income. “RSP for me, is a non-negotiable opportunity to complete the plan on being successful,” he shares. Once you master this process, your business will reach the top.

Learn more from our very own V Council Osama Elamin in the newest episode of VA Corner here on VTube+!

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buy use and repeat