Positive Changes of Network Marketing

Before starting in QNET and The V, V Council Eloi Lougue was an employee. He used to work in the morning and return home in the evening until he realized that he needs a new platform to achieve greater dreams and goals.

One day, someone introduced him to the network marketing business. Since then, positive changes started to take place in his life. V Council Eloi developed a broader perception of the world. Along with courage and will to succeed, he strives to follow Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s advice: “Raise yourself to help mankind.”

He may have achieved a few goals, however, V Council Eloi says that he is still at the first stage of becoming successful. “Once I’m done with it, I will provide full support to others,” he shares. It takes patience and hard work for a person to be fully successful and happy.

“A person can get up, invest a few hundred miles in a relationship marketing business, and be able to succeed,” V Council Eloi reminds us all.

To hear more about joining us in QNET, watch V Council Eloi Lougue as he shares his Networking Journey here on VTube+!

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