Let Your Upline Be The Guiding Light

As we grow over the years, we gather a lot of learnings along the way. At certain point, we tend to think that we already know better than anyone. V Partner Adly Hassan teaches that boastfulness will get us nowhere.

“I gave my upline a hard time. He was younger than me, and I underestimated him,” VP Adly Hassan shares. Realizing his mistake, he welcomed the change brought to him by V-Con. He made the most important decision and began listening to his upline. “I decided to surrender to him, listen to his advice, and follow everything he will say,” he says.

It is not just your upline’s responsibility to make the business successful. A bigger part of such task falls on you. You must learn to empty your cup, humble yourself, and let your upline guide you towards success.

Watch VP Adly Hassan’s advice in Empty Your Cup and Listen now on VTube+!

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