Let Us Tell You About The Plan

“The only reason I can give my 100% is because he gives me 200% everyday,” Chief Pathman Senathirajah introduces V Partner Dev Johl at V-Malaysia as his most trusted friend and partner.

V Partner Dev Johl tells us about “The Plan” which he followed and led him to success. Before he began working at QNET and The V, he is already good with what he used to do. He had a stable job, and more than enough savings for himself. His network marketing journey began when Chief Pathman Senathirajah invited him to go to his very first V-Con. Since then, he began scheduling dinner appointments everyday. First, he had it with his friends, until later on, with more prospects.

“Working at QNET is not alien to me, I’m used to working,” he shares. V Partner Dev Johl tells us that there is nothing wrong with exploring the network marketing business even if you already have a job. It actually gave him the opportunity to strive for greater success. He asks himself, “What is there to lose?”

V Partner Dev Johl teaches us not to be afraid to try network marketing. You can still chase bigger dreams and work your way towards more success. Along with QNET and The V, you can always be limitless.

Watch this video and learn more about The Plan from our V Partner Dev Johl here on VTube+!

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