Embrace Your Role as a Link

When joining the network marketing business, its success is not limited on you. Keep in mind that your team has contributed in your achievement as well. Associate V Partner Marwan Talodi teaches us how to be an efficient upline and what kind of role we truly withheld.

“If you are an upline, do you think your partners will commit, and do the things that you neglect yourself?” AVP Marwan highlights that to be an excellent upline, you must set a good example to your people. “Walk your talk,” he says. We should think and act accordingly at all times.

As an upline, you have a critical role to fulfill. Learning is a continuous cycle. You learn from your own uplines, and you teach such learnings to your downlines. You link the vision from the V Founders until it reaches your people. Furthermore, your duty extends until they can take the same path as you in achieving success.

Watch our latest episode for VA Corner to hear more from AVP Marwan Talodi as he tells us about our role as an upline now on VTube+!

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