Challenges Make You Stronger

As what they usually say, a healthy mind and body goes hand in hand. V Partner Arun George shares how having a balanced routine can lead to success in all aspects particularly in business. “I can think better once I pursued this healthy lifestyle,” he says.

One of his goals at the moment is to be consistent with his fitness activities. He tries his best to go the gym five days a week and do some exercises. He reminded us that to make our endeavors grow, we have to gradually increase the strain in our tasks. “Adding more resistance gives you progression,” he shares.

V Partner Arun George also stated his fitness goal which is to add more resistance in all the work-out exercises he’s currently doing. He hopes to accomplish it within the next six months.

“What I love about this lifestyle is that it helped me work on my excuses and apply its positive results on my business,” he shares. So, free yourself from excuses and let your success in having a healthy lifestyle progressed towards your business.

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