Aim for the Best

Venturing into a new business may seem intimidating at first look, but VP TG Kintanar, VP Ferdie Tolentino, and VP Mahendra Kumarproved how network marketing can change your life for the better.

Upon getting a job or building a business, we all have a vision in mind. We grab new opportunities with the wishful thinking of having a good and comfortable life for ourselves, family, and people around us. To achieve such dreams, most people would work abroad and leave their families. Fortunately, it is different with us in QNET and The V. V Partner Ferdie Tolentino shares how challenging it used to be. Through hard work and strong will, he achieved success. VP TG Kintanar highlights the advantage of being in the business. He can stay and travel without having to part from his family. VP Mahendra Kumar fulfilled his promise to his wife. “For the rest of your life, you will never work,” he told her.

Network marketing allows us to both build our dreams and enjoy its success with our family and friends. With us, you won’t have to sacrifice your personal life for work. Together, we will strive for success and reach our dreams.

Watch the full episode of Coffee Session to know more about our V Partners’ journey!

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