7 Things To Bring To #VCON17

Going to the most unbelievable event in network marketing history? Here are seven things you need to bring for an absolute life-changing experience at V-Malaysia 2017:

  1. Valid ID and Confirmation Letter

    During registration, bring one (1) valid ID and copy of the confirmation letter that will be sent to you via email right after the purchase of your ticket.

  2. Pocket Money

    Bring cash either in US dollars or Malaysian ringgit which you may spend on food, drinks, transportation, V-Con merchandise, souvenirs, etc.

  3. Clothes good for 5 days.

    As it is expectedly warm in Penang around May, make sure to bring extra shirts or towels.

  4. Mobile phone

    Bring a mobile phone with you as well to make sure that you can keep in touch with your team and loved ones.

  5. Powerbank

    Don’t forget to bring a powerbank to make sure you can recharge your phone and other gadgets anytime.

  6. Camera

    Take a camera with you to make your precious V-Con memories last, and have something you can show to your family and future prospects when you go back home.

  7. Pen and Notebook

    Make sure to remember all the important lessons from the sessions by taking down notes. Bring a pen and notebook, empty your cup, and prepare yourself to 5 days of limitless learning.

WATCH OUT as we will soon launch a must-have mobile app to complete your V-Malaysia 2017 experience!

Stay updated with the latest #VCON17 news by checking the V-Con microsite!

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