Get Ready for V Leadership Camp Ivory Coast!

Being a leader requires proper training. Whether one is born with the qualities of a leader, or being groomed to be one, one needs to learn the right skills, values, systems, and techniques. As leadership is an endeavor that requires passion, commitment, and discipline, those who seek to become great leaders need to empty their cup and be willing to improve themselves.

The V opens the V Leadership Camp, which aims to give IRs the chance to grow and enrich themselves through a comprehensive leadership training program. It is focused in creating leaders that follow the servant leadership. Graduates of the program will make a new batch of V Elite Leaders and will be eligible to attend an InService Brotherhood camp in the future. For those who have their eyes set on being a V Ambassador, the V Leadership Camp serves as a good first step. Applicants must secure recommendations from their V Ambassador upline and an RVP. A supporting recommendation from any Global Business Development representative must also obtained. Must there be any exemptions from mentioned criteria, approval must be obtained from an RVP.

To kick off the first of eight camps scheduled for this year, The V brings the V Leadership Camp to Ivory Coast from 29 to 31 July 2016. Leading the highly acclaimed roster of speakers is V Partner Sathi Senathirajah and Associate V Partner Dev Johl.

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