Associate V Partner

Sivan Nair

Associate V Partner Sivan Nair was an insurance agent with LIC of India and AIG Insurance of Saudi Arabia before he was introducted to network marketing.

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“During the end of 1990s I got terribly frustrated with my job and looked for an alternative but didn’t find anything that matched my income from AIG. Networking just came into my life but I couldn’t see the potential.” Fortunately his would-be uplines VC Radha and VP Arun George helped him realize the power of this business, and upon which: “I took it seriously into my heart and soul!”

To his advantage, his friends and family supported his endeavor. “Yes, very much. The money and freedom part – who can dislike?” But eventually he also grasped the magnitude of their business. His defining moment that shaped his path to success was a touching moment he had witnessed: “the ‘eyes’ of our V Founders while cutting the 5th Anniversary cake at [Kuala Lumpur], Malaysia during V-Con.” Since then he has pledged to “make it as simple as possible: smile, meet people [who had maxed out], talk, and inspire!” And his goals are simply “to help people [max out], and to align with our [company] mission.

For him, his downlines gravitate to him because of his “inborn” ability to be transparent and natural. “I have no masks in front of them. I can laugh and cry. I can talk [about] positive and even negative [things]. I don’t fake! I talk what’s to be spoken!” In return, he values their “dedication and sincerity”. He believes his team, The Titans, sets itself apart with ever-expanding knowledge in the business and most of all, the “never-giving-up attitude!”

AVP Sivan is happily married and has three sons. He enjoys farming and traveling for religious or cultural experiences. Aside from our V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, his role model is Swami Vivekananda.