Associate V Partner

Sachin Gupta and Kavita Sugandh

One of the most prominent power couples in the global network, this husband-and-wife pair of professionals joined the V Family in 2008. It is difficult to believe now that they initially struggled for as long as 18 months, but their modest beginnings now serve as a testament to their tenacity and their endurance.

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“There is no substitute to old-school hard work with the right intent and mindset,” assert Sachin and Kavita.

Born in a small town in India, they worked individually for prominent brands and companies before tying the knot, and soon they devoted their full time into networking with QNET. Both ambassadors recall their parents as hard workers who inspired them to become the notable direct selling warriors they are today. Kavita, in particular, credits her father for empowering her to be as successful as she can be, in spite of their conservative, patriarchal roots.

Now, they both dream of helping more people achieve their own dreams. Sachin is fond of saying this to his audience: “We don’t use people to build a business. We use the business to build people.” The sky is their limit as they continue to work as hard as they did from the very beginning.

Sachin and Kavita achieved the Associate V Partner rank during V-Malaysia 2015 in Penang.