Associate V Partner

Mohannad Qais

When Dr. Motaz Qais signed up to a “perfect business presentation” in October 2000, he lost no time in transferring the same prospect to his brother, Mohannad. However, Mohannad — armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a sparkling Master’s in Marketing — was left unimpressed. After asking many questions, he initially turned down the offer.

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But a month later, when his brother slipped in an envelope containing his first commission check — already close to Mohannad’s monthly salary — Mohannad asked the same questions as before, this time with his mind open for possibilities. “Some people see to believe, some people believe to see. And unfortunately I’m [one of] the people who see to believe.” In spite of his initial uncertainties, this propelled him to leave his post at a multinational bank and begin a life-altering journey with The V Family. And now, he proved tougher against all obstacles, even when newspapers in his beloved country of Dubai once circulated bad press against QNET and the network marketing industry. Against these odds, he persevered; now, he is a proud full-time networker, motivational speaker, and mentor. His passion is unparalleled, as proven by his formidable position as Chairman of the KNIGHTS Group. He believes this: “If you use the maximum of today, tomorrow will be great.”

His turning point, however, was in realizing that this business does not revolve around what’s in the networker’s pocket, or about helping people to simply earn money. At a training event, a networker revealed how he was very poor, had loans from several banks, could not pay for his child’s education, and was a few steps away from prison time for his debts. Finally, someone introduced him to QNET and paid his startup fee — and his life began to change. Sobs echoed across the room of 5,000 attendees as he made a beeline for Mohannad and embraced him, saying: “Thank you, Mohannad, for helping me. You are the one who changed my life and my kid’s life.” Breaking down, Mohannad thought to himself, “This is a business where you can help people do better in life.”

His role model in life is the Prophet Muhammad, whose ethical teachings and extraordinary leadership can be applied both in personal life and networking. This is why, as a true servant-leader, Mohannad is committed more than ever to sharing his blessings with more of his less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Arab region, in order to grant them this chance to rise from their difficulties as well.