Associate V Partner

Jean Luc

“Enjoy the good times, and learn from the bad times.” Associate V Partner Jean Luc wants you to change the way you perceive life and this journey. “Face the challenges head-on. If you lose, get up again.”

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AVP Jean Luc redefines the significance of challenges in our network marketing journey. Challenges are more than just problems that need to be solved. It motivates you to change the way you perceive your goals and takes you to greater breakthroughs. “Sometimes you earn, while sometimes you lose. What matters is that you keep learning.”

Since 2008, AVP Jean has always been committed to his decision of joining QNET and The V. “This is a good industry. Give it a try. I used to be hesitant. Now, I’m more confident in life because of this business.” Trust the wisdom of our Founders and the guidance of your Uplines. Don’t be afraid to take risks and make big decisions.

“You’ll never experience good miracles if you stay in your comfort zone.” AVP Jean Luc encourages you to overcome your fears and be limitless. You can only build strong markets and uplift lives once you’ve learned to face the challenges in yourself. “Always remember to get up again, no matter what.”