Associate V Partner

Dr. Hossam Ibraheem

Just like magic. This is how Associate V Partner Dr. Hossam Ibraheem describes how the business has changed his life. “The upgrade and the personal development that I had in my journey is a total paradigm shift,” he shares.

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Before starting the business with QNET, AVP Dr. Hossam Ibraheem worked for nine years as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy. He admits that he knew nothing about the industry, not even the powerful word called dreams. “I was just an employee then, but now because of QNET and The V, dreams for me are merely plans that I target and have achieved both on the financial and personal level,” he said.

AVP Dr. Hossam comes from a very humble background, but this didn’t stop him from believing that someday, he will achieve personal and financial success. That’s why when he knew about the opportunities QNET and The V offer, he borrowed money from three people to join the business.

AVP Dr. Hossam emphasizes the importance of attending trainings organized by The V, just like V-Cons or team trainings, as this was how he was able to overcome the rejections that he faced when he was just starting out. “Going to all V-Cons was an important factor for my continuity, together with having a sense of responsibility for every partner that join my team. They make me switched on 24/7 to change their lives and make their families financially safe,” he said.

Five years after being announced as part of the V Councils, AVP Dr. Hossam Ibraheem has climbed up the ladder, now serving as an Associate V Partner. He considers those announcements as two new birthdates for him. When asked what keeps him motivated to continue being in the business he answers that it’s the powerful dreams that he could have never achieve if it weren’t for QNET and The V. “Just keep believing that you are created to make miracles by working in this kind of family. Dreams will come true Insha’Allah.”