Associate V Partner

Sanu Sarveshwaran Sreedevi

For AVP Sanu Sarveshwaran Sreedevi, he believed that success comes when you least expect it. At first, he was sceptical about the nature of the business, but as time went by, he slowly began to understand what the journey meant.



“When AVP Sanu started his journey in 2010, he thought it was just like any other money-making business. Formerly a mechanical engineer in Tata Motors, he was introduced to The V Family by AVP Nasib B.R. Back then, he didn’t believe in the business. It was only after really listening to the many success stories of other V Ambassadors during V-Convention that AVP Sanu realised there was more to the business than just money.

“I realised that I haven’t moved in three years,” AVP Sanu said. “So I started listening. I eventually came to understand that if I took this business seriously, I can change lives. I can help more people. It wasn’t just about making money, not just about building a network. We are building a family.”

For AVP Sanu, you are as strong as your team, your family. In 2013, he began proactively building good relationships, not just business opportunities. “My team is my family. I want them to understand the value of a relationship, that it can overcome issues and challenges.”

Inspired by the values of RYTHM and the ISB, he created a family out of his network and his team, teaching them the values and lessons he learned from his own journey. “I want to do something good, I want to help more people,” AVP Sanu said. “In turn, they will also do good, and inspire others.”